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Rings and all that ...

We love wedding rings and we especially love weddings. Every little detail that comes with planning that perfect day gets us excited. Not only picking the engagement ring or wedding band but from everything to the dress, flowers, invitations and of course the party.

For some brides creating the perfect day from scratch is very exciting, while for others making so many choices can be overwhelming. Luckily we are here to help you, not only picking your perfect ring but also to give you the best information to start creating your own perfect day.

From floral arrangements, invitation designs, wedding dress ideas, there's always a idea out there waiting to be found.

Oh.. Music.. It's of course the Make or Break of your event. We’ve all been there – the same cookie cutter wedding reception with a DJ or lacklustre band churning out the same cheesy tracks without tailoring it to the crowd or the couple in the slightest. I’d imagine that the chances are this is not what you have in mind for your own wedding. So, here are some fun and left-field wedding entertainment suggestions that you might not have thought of.

Book a throwback band

Traditional wedding bands can be one of the costliest parts of a wedding day and the problem is, you’re likely to hear pretty predictable songs that have been doing the circuit on weddings that summer (and in some instances for the last decade!).

Instead, why not consider booking your favourite ‘past their prime’ pop act, or a lesser-known band that still goes out on tour? Go direct to the management to get the best price. It will still take a sizeable chunk of your budget (but so will a normal band) and the pay-off is something totally unusual, rarely seen at weddings and totally memorable. Follow it up with a set from your DJ that fits the vibe (hello 90s pop!) before leading into your wider playlist.

Don't Forget Your Theme..

Some Couples found wedding planning super enjoyable. They loved spending so much time together, making all the decisions as a team and going to wedding fairs!

For the theme of the day, focus on your idea, and even for the reception portions, you can choose things that reflected the love of your theme to continue throughout.

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