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Small Touches To Increase Guest’s Comfort At Your Wedding

Guest Comfort Stations

Make arrangements for the guests according to different seasons like summer, winter, monsoon. If it’s a hot summer wedding, your comfort station could include cold water, sunglasses and paper fans. A wedding reception happening in the fall should have blankets and other things to help your guests keep warm when the temperature drops in the evening.

Hire Transportation

Many guests come from faraway places, so making transportation arrangements for them will be great. Providing transport will not only make it more fun for the guests to mingle with each other but they will also appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

Dancing Shoes

The dress shoes that your guests come in aren’t really made for dancing. To accommodate your guest’s aching feet, why not provide something as simple as flip flops for them to scoop up and slip on and dance the night away. Providing flip flops or flats near the dance floor is another way to increase guest comfort.

Ice Breaker Games

It is natural that not all your guests know each other, to make your wedding more fun and interactive, ice breaker games can be played. Ice-breaking games are sure to create great memories for your wedding guests.

Welcome Bags

Guests would appreciate being greeted with something special, showing them how much you appreciate them coming to your wedding. A small welcome bag with a few snacks, drinks and something special like a box of chocolates with a personalized card for them can impress your guests. Don't forget your vendors!

Comfortable Seating Arrangements

Your friends and family deserve a comfortable place to spend the evening. Make sure that your guests are able to sit with people they are familiar with or with guests that you know they have something in common with, such as a job, or a hobby, or a mutual friend, etc.

Keep the Things Going

Talk with your coordinator, photographer, and DJ about how to space reception events properly so that the evening isn’t rushed, but it also doesn’t drag. Your guests will be very happy if they don’t have to wait for too long especially for your ceremony and dinner.

DJ Play Songs That All Ages Love

By playing songs according to your guests’ request, they will be more likely to enjoy and dance. It’s a better way to get people up & dance and enjoy some good time.

Create the right ambience

You can create the right ambience for your guests by including simple touches to your wedding décor like illuminating candles, tapers, votives, tea lights etc.

Make Arrangements for Guests of Different Age Groups

Adding some fun activities for the little children is a great idea like coloring stations and games. For elderly guests at your wedding, consider planning the toasts, cake cutting, and first dances earlier in the evening so that they can be a part of it. These small touches can spruce up your wedding and make it an affair worth remembering for your guests. These can improve their overall experience so that they can feel welcomed and appreciated for attending your big day!

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