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Why you should not hired a wedding planner...

1. You enjoy control.

Let’s be honest, some people truly enjoy being in control of everything. Often times they excel at it. Controlling everything well can be rewarding and is impressive. However, trying to take on too many tasks at once is extremely stressful. Sadly, stress negatively affects our mental and physical well being. Stress boosts the hormone cortisol which boosts our appetite and causes poor diet choices, making it almost impossible to lose any weight for that big day. If you enjoy control and the structure involved in event planning, consider interviewing and hiring all your vendors, sending out and tracking invitations, working off a checklist, and maintaining your budget by yourself. But let someone experienced handle the final month of planning and event coordination so you don’t have to stress on the days before and during your big day.

2. You can’t afford it.

With the DIY movement and other costly wedding expenditures, A Wedding planner is not always budgeted for. Having a planner is a luxury not everyone believes they can afford. But, if you are spending larger amounts of money on a wedding, you can’t afford not to benefit from the professional guidance and advice an experienced wedding planner provides.  An experienced wedding planner will help track your budget and connect you to vendors whose pricing is aligned with your vision. Many times a planner can pass on savings from rental vendors and  invitations. More often than not hiring a planner pays for itself.

3. Your close friend or relative has volunteered to plan your wedding.

So your aunt Sara has volunteered herself to be your wedding planner. That sounds fantastic. You will now have someone to help keep you accountable and keep things in line during the wedding planning process. But will Sara follow through with every necessary step? Like setting a budget, interviewing vendors, overseeing contracts, generating a working timeline, communicating with vendors, managing the rehearsal, and coordinating the event from the arrival of the first vendor to the departure of every guest to the last hour of your wedding ?? We have all heard the horror stories of pro bono wedding planners who got drunk, didn’t show, left early, or didn’t fulfill their promises? Do yourself a favor, enjoy a stress free amazing wedding and hire a wedding planner.


E.C. Madilynn

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